Traveling to Africa, A Short Intro


Africa is probably the less visited continent, known for its many civil wars and political instability, or for its wild animal safaris. There is another side to Africa though, a land where you can find beaches, parks or forests, as well as ancient monuments which you can visit. If you’re looking to travel a bit off the beaten path, Africa can be a great place to take a vacation. While not every country in Africa is recommended for travelers, there are plenty that will offer you a great experience.


Below are some of the main countries in Africa, when it comes to the potential for tourists. The animal life and the national parks are the things that most people think about when they hear the name Africa, but as you will see below, there are many other things you can enjoy on this continent.

One extremely popular country among tourists is Egypt, which is located in Africa. The pyramids found here are ancient and they are visited by many people each year. Some of the more popular ones are the Giza Great Pyramid or the Djoser Step Pyramid. While you’re in Egypt, check out Alexandria, or the country’s capital city, Cairo. If you love history, Luxor is a city full of tombs and historical buildings.

Another popular choice on the continent is South Africa, which is a great country to visit and spend a vacation in. You can enjoy the Durban beaches, or you can visit Kruger National Park, or visit Cape Town or one of the other cities.

If you want to travel to Africa for its national parks or animal life, then you can also visit countries like Kenya or Tanzania. In Tanzania you will find the Kilimanjaro national park, or if you want to take a vacation, we can recommend Zanzibar island.

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