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Costa Rica is a great country to visit by travelers and it’s full of rainforests, flora and fauna. The country has to the east the Caribbean Sea and to the west the Pacific Ocean and it’s got a great vibe, perfect for laid back travelers. As for its neighbors, Costa Rica has Panama to the south and Nicaragua to the north. It’s a great place to escape to when you need great weather and something fun to do.

Visiting Costa Rica can be done for a number of reasons, including its volcanoes, the wildlife of the rainforest, surfing, the rare plants, hiking, doing zip line tours, white water rafting and plenty of other things to do. When it comes to the exploration of nature or having some adventures, Costa Rica can be a very good choice.

The budget you need for the accommodations in Costa Rica will vary, from budget to luxury. If you’re looking for luxury options, there are many options available on the Costa Rican coastline. You will find both rainforest options and also lodges located in the jungle, which let you sleep while listening to the forest sounds. From monkeys to singing birds or flying insects, you will love the sounds of the nature which surrounds you.

If you don’t want to see the rainforest alone, there are plenty of travel agencies which allow you to book a tour and a proper guide, to show you the jungle in a safe way. Other examples of things you can do in the jungles of Costa Rica is doing hikes during the night or watching birds. You will love every minute of the time you will spend in Costa Rica.

One of the reasons why Costa Rica is so nice is because it accepts everyone and it’s unpretentious. The attitude of the locals is quite relaxed, so that’s another reason to visit.

Things to See

Located in Central America, Costa Rica has as neighbors Panama, Nicaragua, the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Both regular visitors and newlyweds will love this country and below are some of the country’s main attractions.

Central Cathedral

alajuela-central-catedralThe Central Cathedral is found in Alajuela and it’s one of the top attractions of the city. While the design is not impressive, this is a great area to spend some time in and you can even see parrots or sloths.

Juan Santamaria Park

The name of this park is taken from that of Costa Rica’s national hero. In this park you will notice old cannons, which were created in the 1860s. After strolling through the park for a bit, you should give the Museum of Juan Santamaria a chance, as it has plenty of memorabilia from him.

Poas Volcano Park

Both foreigners and locals love this national park and it gives you the chance to see how a volcano’s crater looks like, especially since it’s active. If you want to reach the volcano’s summit, you can use the help of the guided tours.

Lankester Botanical Gardens

When you want to relax for a bit during an afternoon, you can take a stroll in the botanical garden and enjoy the orchids and the other plants. Families should especially enjoy the botanical gardens and what they have to offer.

Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano can be visited with the help of guided tours and this is the second active volcano on our list of things to see in Costa Rica. If you go to El Mirador you will be at a good distance from it and you will still be able to see the eruption of the volcano and the lava flow. It’s quite a nice sight during the night.

Fortuna Waterfall

The Fortuna waterfall is yet another spot which tourists love to visit. You can either swim in streams or pools or you can enjoy the native animals. If you visit it during the night, you should have a jacket with you, since it can be a bit chilly.

Costa Rica Beaches


Millions of people visit Costa Rica each year and its beaches are some of the biggest attractions of the country. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and they are located on their Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. It’s not a large country, but it has many beaches and they offer different settings and experiences, so they will fit the needs of different types of tourists. Whether you enjoy windsurfing, surfing, swimming or snorkeling, you will find something to do on the beaches of Costa Rica.

There are many options when it comes to beaches and below are some of the best ones.

The beaches of Manuel Antonio are located in horseshoe bays and they are known as some of the world’s best. The area offers both opportunities for water sports and great views, as well as beautiful waterfalls and hilltops, with plenty of jungle around them. Some of the experiences available for tourists are kayaking, diving, surfing or snorkeling.

If you love surfing, Playa Dominical might be just the place to go to while you’re in Costa Rica. The location of this beach is just 44 km to the south from the National Park of Manuel Antonio. You will love the landscape of the area and the marshes, plantations, estuaries and coastal mangroves found here.

Other beaches are the ones from Playa Grande Guanacaste, which have great waves and are ideal for those that love nature. The location is in the vicinity of Matapalo River and the town of Tamarindo, which is accessible for travelers and it’s well developed.

Another popular beach is Playa Conchal, which is famous for the tiny crushed shells which are found all over the beach. In the vicinity you will also find Playa Brasilito and it’s an area where many tourists love to do fishing.

Diving in Costa Rica

diver-with-sharkIf you enjoy diving, a vacation in Costa Rica offers you a chance to do just that and have some fun while doing it. Nicoya Peninsula is the place to be in Costa Rica if you want to do diving and you can access it easily. The area is found in the west part of Costa Rica, it has the shape of a hook and it has beaches on all sides. It’s a great place to go to if you want to have your vacation in this country.

If you enjoy diving, you should probably go to the north area of the Nicoya peninsula, which is easily accessible and quite a good place to have fun. You don’t go diving from the beach directly, but if you take a short boat ride you will reach the areas where volcanic rock pinnacles are found. Other options are the small islands found in the vicinity, like Isla Murcielago which is 40 km away or Isla Santa Catalina, which is around 20 km away.

Diving in the area is a bit different than what you would experience in other places in the Caribbean area, since coral which is brightly colored is not available here. What you will notice here is the marine wildlife abundance. In the vicinity of the small islands you will find spotted eagle rays, manta rays, dolphins, whales, moray eels, sharks, crustaceans, tropical fish and starfish. If you want to see some manta rays, you should visit the area from December to April.

If you want to see bull sharks, you should definitely go to the Isla Murcielago. For the best visibility in the area you should go to Costa Rica in either June or July.

Beginners also have the chance to visit the area and learn how to dive from experienced guides.

Local Resorts

Costa Rica is known as a nature paradise, which has beautiful waterfalls and stunning beaches, plenty of wildlife and great looking surroundings, making it a very good destination for adventurers, homemakers and vacationers. Since the living standard is high and the lifestyle is cheap, Costa Rica is a good fit for many tourists. The Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea surround the island on all sides and it’s one of the best travel destinations from the area.

A lot of travelers which come in vacation would rather not stay in inns or hotels, choosing condos, lodges or resorts which are cheaper and offer more options. A lot of Costa Rica resorts come with all inclusive offers, which have the airplane tickets, shuttle service, hotel, drinks and meals included in a single price.

These Costa Rica resorts include in their all inclusive packages things like spa access, quick services, recreation rooms, great dining facilities and all kinds of restaurants. Most resorts will have the facilities you will find in cheaper hotels, with rooms which have beautiful designs and color schemes. There are more than a few resorts of this type in Costa Rica, so you have plenty of options to pick from. You can look them up online and you can do reservations after you read the reviews and all the things they offer.

Some of the things you can look for when you’re picking your Costa Rica resort include the way you can reach it, the area where it’s located and the nearby attractions, plus the budget you need for it and the type of food they serve and its quality. You should also look at the packages offered from one season to the other. If you want to make sure that your vacation is a great experience and that you will remember it for a long time, you should research your choices properly.

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