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In this guide we shall look at the town of Lewisboro in New York state as well as provide you with some important community info.

Location of Lewisboro

Lewisboro is a town situated in Westchester County in the south-east of New York State. The east of the town lies on the Connecticut border. The town is 29.1 square miles in size of which 4.36 percent of it is water.

There are several different localities and hamlets within the town of Lewisboro including: Cross River, Goldens Bridge, South Salem, Truesdale Lake, Vista and Waccabuc.

About Lewisboro

lewisboroThe town was first created around South Salem after land was purchased from the natives. The town was formed in 1747 as the “Town of Salem”. In the late 1800’s a local financier – John Lewis – requested that town be given his name in return for him opening a trust fund for the town.

The town is best known for its elaborate and beautiful gardens as well as the many large colonial mansions and dry-stone walls that dominate the town.

Demographics of Lewisboro

Lewisboro is a medium-sized town with a population of 12,324 people at the time of the 2000 census. Over 70 percent of households contain married couples living together and nearly 50 percent of households have at least one child under 18 living there – well above the state average.

The average household income for residents of Lewisboro is $112, 462 and the average income for families is $129, 473 – making it a very affluent area to live in. Only a small percentage of residents in Lewisboro live below the poverty line. Around 1.4 percent of families live below the poverty line and 1.9 percent of the population lives below the poverty line – well below the national average.

Residents of Lewisboro are very well educated with over 65 percent of residents over 25 holding a bachelor degree or higher.

Transport in Lewisboro

There are plenty of transport options in Lewisboro. The largest road that goes through the town is the Interstate 684 that passes through the western end of Lewisboro, New York. Smith Ridge Road passes through the center of Lewisboro.

Only a small proportion of residents use public transport in Lewisboro. Approximately 13.5 percent of residents use public transport to get to work compared to a state average of 24.4 percent. However, 7.2 percent of Lewisboro residents work from home well above the state average of 3 percent.

Community Services

Lewisboro has all of the basic services that every community needs, however anything that can’t be found in the town itself can be found in any of the larger neighboring towns.

If you are after parks and recreational areas, then Lewisboro has plenty to offer. There are lots of natural areas which include two of Westchester’s County Park’s situated on the town’s border. There are also 6 town parks and reserves. Fox Valley Park provides many facilities for residents including soccer fields, ball fields and tennis courts – all of which are busy year round. The Lewisboro Town Park is situated on Route 35 and has facilities including a swimming pool, ball fields, tennis courts, walking trails and an ice skating rink in the winter seasons.

Students attend public schools within the Katonah-Lewisboro School District. The Katonah-Lewisboro School District is home to the only high school in its district that has been ranked in the top 200 of the best public high schools in the USA by Newsweek magazine.

There are several banks in Lewisboro and the surrounding areas including Chase Bank, Bank of America and M&T Bank.

There are several doctors and surgeons in and around Lewisboro including specialist doctors such as a physical therapist and pediatrician. There are also many dentists to choose from as well.

For all your grocery needs there are several supermarkets in Lewisboro including D’Agostino’s, several Shop Rite Supermarkets and a Vista Market.

The main public library for the town is the South Salem Library situated at 15 Main Street in South Salem. Other public libraries in the surrounding areas can be found in Bedford, North Salem, Ridgefield, Wilton and many other areas.

The Lewisboro Ledger is the name of the daily local newspaper for the residents of Lewisboro.

Lewisboro Attractions and Businesses

The beautiful town of Lewisboro is situated in the county of Westchester in the south-eastern corner of New York state. In this guide we shall look at some of the best local attractions and businesses in and around Lewisboro.

Local Attractions in Lewisboro

Lewisboro is surrounded by beautiful parks and forests which are some of the main attractions both to Lewisboro and its surrounding regions.

There are 6 parks located within Lewisboro itself, and two of Westchester’s County Parks are situated on the borders of Lewisboro. The largest of the state parks is Ward Pound Ridge Reservation a 4,700 acre park with many fantastic activities and facilities available for both the locals and visitors to the area. As well as a huge number of stunning walking trails there are also camping grounds if you want to sleep under the stars. The well known Trailside Museum in Lewisboro provides a great way to learn about the history of the area.

Caramoor House Museum and the Performing Arts Center is situated in Katonah – just a couple of miles from the center of Lewisboro. Although it is a little off the beaten track and not many tourists find it, it is a wonderful place to go as it offers outdoor music and afternoon tea while enjoying beautiful surroundings. The museum was once a large Spanish-style mansion that is full of many artworks ranging from Medieval, Eastern and Renaissance styles. Entry is $10 for adults and free free for children under 17.

A short drive away to Norwalk in Connecticut is the Maritime Aquarium. There are various exhibits on show as well as a submarine simulator and animal feedings. There is also an IMAX theatre showing several nature films. Entry is $11 for adults and $8.50 for children.

For art lovers, the Galerie PA Nou Haitian Art is a popular gallery situated in the Lewisboro hamlet of South Salem. The gallery works to promote Caribbean art and there are range of paintings and sculptures on show.

Also a short drive away is the Town of Yorktown Museum. The museum has recreated an 18th century home as well as an early Mohegan Indian settlement. There are plenty of interesting displays and exhibits and it’s a great place for a family outing. Many of the local schools bring their students here for an educational trip.

The Wolf Conservation Center is situated in South Salem – a hamlet of Lewisboro. It is co-founded and directed by acclaimed photographer and wildlife activities – J Henry Fair. There are many education programs held at the center to educate children and adults about wolf conservation. The conservation center is the main facility in the eastern USA for captive breeding of wolves and re-release of endangered wolf species.

Businesses in Lewisboro

Like any town, there are plenty of businesses based in Lewisboro, New York. While there are not any large companies calling Lewisboro home, there are plenty of businesses that are based around the service sector.

For your physical therapy needs there is one physical therapist business in the town – Lewisboro Physical Therapy, situated at 890 Route 35 in Cross River –a hamlet of Lewisboro.

There are four supermarkets in Lewisboro – A&P in Goldens Bridge, D’Agostino in Cross River, Greenwich Produce in South Salem and Vista – also in South Salem.

If you need to purchase liquor then you will be spoiled for choice with four different liquor stores in Lewisboro – Cross River Wines, Goldens Bridge Fine Wine, Salem Liquors and Vista Wine and Spirits.

Andron Construction Corp is one of the larger businesses in Lewisboro, New York with between $10 and $20 million worth of sales each year. It is situated in the hamlet of Goldens Bridge.

In Lewisboro the retail market has over 35 different stores around the town. The stores range from automobile stores, building materials, food and beverage through to health and personal care stores and sporting goods.

In the wholesale trade sector there are 23 different businesses around the town. These businesses include nondurable goods, electronics, machinery, equipment and wholesale trade agents and brokers.

However the largest business sector by far in Lewisboro is the professional, scientific and technical services sector. There are 69 different businesses in this sector around Lewisboro. These include architects, engineering companies, management consulting services, veterinary services and advertising.

Recreation in Lewisboro

Country Clubs

Country clubs are a great way to meet people in your neighborhood as well as spend time with your family and friends. Different country clubs have different facilities and can include a golf course, restaurants, bars, tennis courts, swimming pools and much more.

Waccabuc Country Club is situated at 90 Mead Street in the Lewisboro hamlet of Waccabuc. The country club offers an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, a club house including a dining room and a swimming pool. It also boasts fantastic views over Waccabuc Lake and there is a waterfront deck and bar that is particularly popular during the warm summer evenings.

Other country clubs in the surrounding area include Silver Spring Country Club – just over the border in Connecticut; Pound Ridge Country Club; and Pehquenakonck Country Club in Salem.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Lewisboro has plenty of nightlife and entertainment options no matter how you like to spend your evenings.

Whilst there are very few large nightclubs in Lewisboro there are several bars and plenty of places to head for a drink with friends. Norwalk, just over the border in Connecticut is a popular destination for a big night out for residents of Lewisboro. There are numerous bars and clubs including Club Eldorado, Club 77 and Rain Sono.

Ridgefield, Connecticut – just a few miles from Lewisboro – is the perfect spot for a quiet drink over a meal with several bar/restaurants including Bissell House Restaurant and Bar; Georgetown Saloon; and Elm 1799 Tavern.

And don’t forget, you’re just a short drive from the wonderful New York City where every imaginable type of night club and bar is available!

If you prefer to spend your evenings watching the latest movie release with some popcorn then head to Ridgefield Playhouse – the closest movie theatre to Lewisboro. It is situated in Ridgefield – just over the border in Connecticut. Hoyt Cinemas in Wilton is also a very short drive away and shows all the latest movie releases.


There is plenty of shopping to be done in Lewisboro and all the essentials are available.

Jefferson Valley Mall is the closest and largest shopping mall to Lewisboro. The mall offers over 90 of your favorite stores including H&M, Ann Taylor, American Eagle Outfitters and Bath & Body Works. It is located in the nearby Yorktown Heights.

For all of your grocery needs there are several supermarkets around Lewisboro. Vista Market and Greenwich Produce are the two main supermarkets in the town.

Parks and Outdoor Areas

Lewisboro is fortunate to be surrounded by many un-built-up areas and still retains much of the New York countryside’s natural beauty. There are two of Westchester’s County Park’s on Lewisboro’s borders as well as 6 town parks.

The parks all have a range of different facilities for Lewisboro’s residents. The Lewisboro Town Park has facilities that include tennis courts, a swimming pool, ball fields, basketball courts, walking trails and an ice skating rink in the winter.

Mountain Lakes Camp is one of Westchester County’s state parks and has many beautiful ponds and trails throughout the forested area. The most popular trail is the ‘Look Out’ which offers unrivalled views over Lake Waccabuc and Lake Oscaleta.

Lewisboro is also home (in part) to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation – the largest park in Westchester County. There are numerous hiking trails as well as camping facilities which attract lots of visitors – particularly in the summer months. There is also a Trailside Museum within the park.

There are also 7 beautiful lakes in the town of Lewisboro that are great for fishing and picnics.


There are plenty of places to eat in Lewisboro – no matter what your culinary tastes are!

Aside from the common fast food joints that can be found in almost any town across the US, Lewisboro offers a variety of many fine dining restaurants. They included cuisines including American, Chinese, Mexican and many others. Villa Italia is a popular Italian restaurant and Allyn’s Restaurant offers fine dining in the town of Millbrook – just a short drive from Lewisboro.


Lewisboro is a town in Westchester County in New York state. It is fortunate to be home to some of the best schools in the state as well as the country which we shall look at today.

Elementary Schools in Lewisboro

educationThere are four public high schools in Lewisboro – all of which have been ranked as some of the best public elementary schools in the country.

Lewisboro Elementary School is situated in South Salem and caters for students in grades K – 5. There are currently 451 students enrolled at the school and test scores are consistently very high. In the 2008 New York State Assessments there were near-100 percent pass rates in all subject areas which well exceeds the state average.

Katonah Elementary School is another highly regarded public elementary school. It is situated in Katonah just outside Lewisboro. There are 499 students enrolled at the school in grades K – 5. Test scores at this school also exceeded 90 percent in all subject areas in the 2008 New York State Assessments at all grade levels.

Increase Miller Elementary School is located in Goldens Bridge – a hamlet of Lewisboro. It has received numerous accolades in recognition of its academic success and has been given a 10/10 rating by the prestigious GreatSchools website. There are 384 students enrolled in grades K-5 and students are offered a great range of extracurricular activities including chorus, orchestra, band, volleyball, baseball and yoga.

The fourth and final public elementary school in Lewisboro is Meadow Pond Elementary School. The school is located in South Salem. Another fantastic school, there are 375 students enrolled there in grades K-5.

There are no private elementary schools in Lewisboro.

Middle Schools in Lewisboro

There is only one middle school in Lewisboro – John Jay Middle School. The school has been recognized as one of the highest achieving in the region. There are 929 students currently enrolled there in grades 6-8. The school is located in Cross Rivers and exam results are consistently high. There are a wide range of subjects including 6 foreign languages to study as well as extracurricular activities that include basketball, cheerleading, theater, orchestra and band.

High Schools in Lewisboro

There is one high school in Lewisboro – John Jay High School. The high school is situated on the same campus as the middle school with the same name in the hamlet of Cross Rivers. It is a public school serving 1311 students in grades 9-12. There are over 20 different Advanced Placement courses available on top of a wide curriculum and electives meaning that students are very well prepared for entry either into college or the workforce. A large majority of students go on to attend college or higher education after graduating. Some of the extracurricular activities available include golf, hockey, theater, photography, dance, chorus, volleyball and student council and newspaper.

Further Education in Lewisboro

Although there are no further education institutions in Lewisboro itself, there are 100’s of options within the state and surrounding areas.

Within Westchester County there are several colleges. The College of New Rochelle is a private women’s Catholic college situated in New Rochelle not far from Lewisboro. There are a range of courses available including Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science in Nursing as well as graduate degrees that include Master of Arts and Master of Science.

Concordia College Bronxville is another higher education institution in Westchester County. It is a four-year coeducational Lutheran-affiliated liberal arts college offering four year bachelor degrees. Despite being Lutheran, students from all cultures, religions and backgrounds are welcome to study there.

Cochran School of Nursing is also situated not far from Lewisboro in Westchester County. As the name suggests the school offers a range of nursing courses.

Many residents of Lewisboro head just across the border into Connecticut to take advantage of the many fantastic colleges and universities that are there. The closest college to Lewisboro is Norwalk Community College in Norwalk, Connecticut. New York City is also not very far away and there are a wide range of prestigious universities and colleges to attend.

Real Estate Market

House Prices in Lewisboro

House prices in Lewisboro have fluctuated over the past 10 years – much like the rest of the USA. Average house prices in Lewisboro are well above the state and national averages. The current median house price is $800,517, compared to a state average of $147,600 and a national average of $111, 800.

House prices have increased in value dramatically. The average house price just 10 years ago in 2000 was $396, 100. However, the average prices vary depending on the type of home.

Detached homes in Lewisboro have an average value of $859, 936; townhouses have an average value of $502,782; mobile homes have an average value of $400,000.

Property taxes in Lewisboro are also high, and cost an average of $7,963 compared to the New York State average of $2,847.

Types of Houses in Lewisboro

There are a range of home types in Lewisboro; however the majority of homes are detached family homes which correspond with the demographics of the town which largely consists of families.

However, there are still apartments and condos for sale and rent in Lewisboro – they are just harder to come across.

Statistics and Demographics for Homes in Lewisboro

Over 85 percent of homes in Lewisboro are owner-occupied, compared to a state average of 49 percent. Only 8 percent of homes are rented in the town compared to a state average of 43.2 percent.

The average household size is 2.9 people and over 70 percent of households are married couples living together – nearly 50 percent of households have at least one child under the age of 18 living there. Over 81 percent of households have families living in them.

The median household income for residents of Lewisboro is $112,462 and the average income for a family is $129,473.

The average number of rooms in homes in Lewisboro is 7.56 compared to the state average of 6.47. However, the number of vehicles per household is lower than the state average. The average household in Lewisboro has 1.16 cars and in the state the average is 2.03.

Lewisboro is a very safe area and the crime and poverty rates are very low. Approximately 1.4 percent of families and 1.9 percent of the population of Lewisboro are living below the poverty line. This compares to an almost 15 percent average at a state level.

Renting in Lewisboro

As we mentioned before, there are very few rental properties in the town of Lewisboro as a large majority of homes are owner-occupied. There are currently only just over 300 homes being rented in Lewisboro.

Rent prices in Lewisboro are very high with the average weekly rent being $896. This compares to a state average of $605 per week and a national average of $519 per week.

Rental homes in Lewisboro are also above average in size with an average of 5.21 rooms per property. The state average for number of rooms is 3.73 and the national average is 4.04.

Most rental properties do not include utilities in the rental price and currently there are just 41 homes (11 percent) that do so.

Finding a Home in Lewisboro

It is easy to find a perfect home in Lewisboro. The best place to begin your search – particularly if you live interstate or overseas – is on the internet. The internet is a fantastic resource for finding homes. It gives you the benefit of being able to search in your own time and at your own pace.

There are dozens of websites that feature listings of the latest properties available in Lewisboro – both to rent and to buy. Try and sign up to their newsletters to ensure you are sent all the new listings as soon as they are put up.

Once you know what you are looking for, the best way to find a home in Lewisboro is to speak to a real estate agent. Professional real estate agents can help you find your dream home thanks to their knowledge and expertise. Before choosing a real estate agent always make sure they have great references and are experienced in buying and selling homes in the Lewisboro area.

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