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Barbados has two distinct barrier reefs running along the west and south coasts. Visibility up to 90 or 100 feet makes these waters a pleasure to explore. Although it can be crowded during tourist season, Barbados’ coral reefs are appropriate for beginning to experienced divers.

Popular dive sites are:

Bell Buoy is one of Barbados’ most popular dive sites, a massive coral reef shaped like a bell. These forests of brown coral, which are near Rockely Beach, are home to angel fish, parrot fish and chromis, and it is known as a prime spot for underwater photography due to premium lighting conditions. Good for beginners and intermediate divers.

dive-barbadosBright Ledge has arguably the greatest variety of marine life on the island, including nurse sharks, manta rays, moray eels, jacks and French angel fish. The visibility is great here, and there is even a chance of seeing a Hawksbill turtle. For intermediate and advanced divers.

Dottins Reef, off of Holetown Coast, is home to many varieties of tropical fish and turtles. It is particularly known as a habitat for barracudas. Good for beginners and intermediate divers.

Maycocks Bay, off the northwest coast near Checker Hall is the only reef in the area that runs east to west; this site is home to beautiful coral formations, barracuda, parrot fish, creole wrasse and trigger fish.  For intermediate and advanced divers.

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