After an 8 hour trip with a car, I finally got to the airport, a few good hours before the airplane left, leaving me with a lot of time to kill on my hands. The big downside with living in a small town is the amount of time I have to spend in a car in order to get to an international airport. At the time, that was my only option, though these days there are some options that are closer. Read more on Arriving in Paris & My First Beer There (Paris 2008)…

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I was 26 years old when I first left my country. It’s not something I’m proud of to be honest, and I’m pissed right now that I didn’t do it sooner. Nothing I can do about it now though, and I’m hugely grateful that a friend of mine was looking for someone to go with him to Paris for one week. It was a bit of an accident, since he was supposed to go with his sister, and she changed her mind two weeks before they were supposed to leave. The result was my first trip abroad and the first time I traveled on an airplane, so I’m happy that my appetite for travels was awakened, accident or not. Read more on My First Trip To A Foreign Country–Paris, France 2008…

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